Sunday, December 16, 2007

Early Return

After 4 great months in Mombassa, we returned back to the States. My mother was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of brain cancer and is currently undergoing treatement. It was an easy decision to end our contract early and come back to the states. We were all packed up and on a plane within a day.

She passed a little over 6 months after being diagnosed. Life definately throws you curve balls along the way and they never seem to be the ones that you are prepared for. For me this has been another reminder to not "let your dreams be dreams", to follow your heart and make the most of you life however you see fit.

As Cindy always reminds me, there is more than one way to live a good life. I hope my mother can look back and feel that hers was.

Cindy is currently enrolled in college again and is pursing a new career in the Travel field and I took another IT job. We moved to Tempe, rented an apartment and try to visit father as much as we can.