Saturday, August 8, 2009

Dont Panic!!!

Don't panic was the overriding thought yesterday morning as we boarded the shuttle bus to the airport.  Cindy's wallet was missing containing her credit cards and we needed to board a plane to Vancouver in an hour and a half.  Cindy was convinced that she had left it at the restaurant that we had eaten dinner the night before.  They would not open again until later that night and we would be winging it over the pole by then on our way to Beijing by then.

At the airport it was impossible to find a helpful airline employee and after a brief call with Orbitz we decided to continue on and deal with the fall out later.  People lose their credit cards all the time while travelling. …. RIGHT?   Not an auspicious start to our trip but hopefully we were getting the bad luck out of the way early.

11 ½ hours later, we arrived, bleary eyed and feeling gob smacked.  We are used to a great deal more difficulty working our way around the labyrinth of a new airport in city we have never been to before but the Beijing airport was surprisingly easy.  We jumped on the subway found our stop started walking and somehow found the way to our Hostel.  It was amazing how quickly the old travel reflexes kicked in.  We had been waiting for this day for over a year and I believe that it's going to be another great adventure.

We received confirmation from the restaurant this morning via email that they indeed had the wallet.  Whew!  Let the games begin.

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