Monday, August 3, 2009

Washing away the desert

Portland has been a breath of fresh air after spending 2 and a half years lving in the litter box. Funny but we we couldnt wait to leave here when we left for Kenya a few years ago and now that Im back, I am in full appreciation mode of what this city has to offer. Its such a vibrant friendly place where everyone smiles and asks how you are when you meet them. Cars stop and let you cross the street. You can walk anywhere or easily hop onto a network of trolleys or busses. Bikes, skateboards and dogs are ubiquitus. Green growth is everywhere. I know that for the locals the sunshine and warmth will last only a few months before the rain sets in again but its been a great launching pad for our next adventure allowing us to wash off the dust and dreariness of Phoenix and feel whole again.

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