Sunday, May 24, 2009


We leave for China on August 5th. The one way tickets have been bought.

Im eager to get back to travelling. The bare wires, the smells, the strange surrroundings, the often amazing and sometimes inedible food. The sounds of the motorbikes in the street. Following the smell down a side street to something amazing. Never knowing where you are going to sleep. Never knowing where you are going to eat. Being lost. The overly lived in feel on the street. The grime on the walls, the light switch, the tile that pervades everyday life. Sweating because there is no air conditioning....anywhere. A smile that that you weren't expecting. That special moment when you make a connection, any connection with someone who does not speak your language .The foul smells. Not knowing a lick of what they are saying around you. The gracious people, the children following you because you are something different in their lives. The adults doing the same thing. Meeting new people and forging a bond just because you are sharing the moment of where you are. The bare light bulbs. The fun of finding a little bit of home in a far away place. Being scared to death of being in an accident while traveling in any one of hundreds of different types of transportation. The quiet. The fear. The myriad of street vendors. The stares. The begging. The touts. The awe of it all. I'm ready.